2017 SOSGA Seed Mentorship Program

Through the funding of a Western SARE grant, SOSGA is offering a mentorship program to new and beginning seed growers.  We are looking for mentors and mentees to sign up for this great opportunity to share information and support more people to grow quality seed in the Rogue Valley.  As laid out in the agreement the mentorship includes up 10hrs of on farm consulting during the 2016 growing season.  Also there is compensation for the mentor time and driving mileage.  If you are interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee, please contact Andrew Schwarz at schwarz.andrew@gmail.com

Mentorship Agreement

Date _______________

This agreement is between the following two parties:

________________________________, Beginning Seed Grower (Mentee)

________________________________, Experienced Seed Grower (Mentor)

This agreement establishes the relationship of mentor/mentee for the purpose of learning organic seed production. All parties understand and agree to the following:

The Mentor can bill SOSGA for up to 10 hours of consulting time during the 2016 growing season.

The consulting rate is $30 per hour.

The Mentor may also bill for mileage in driving to and from the Mentee’s fields at $.54 cents per mile for up to three site visits.

Within one week of signing this document, the Mentee will contact the Mentor to schedule a preliminary meeting.  During preliminary meeting, the Mentor and Mentee will agree upon rough schedule of contact for the 2016 season.

Mentee must initiate meetings thereafter, with the expectation that the Mentor will respond within three days of attempted contact.

Mentee should contact Maud Powell (541) 227-4011 or maud.powell@oregonstate.edu if Mentor is unresponsive.

Mentor must email invoice for consulting provided to Eric George erics9564@gmail.com.


________________________________________ Mentor

________________________________________ Mentee

________________________________________ SOSGA President

________________________________________ OSU Extension