Jackson and Josephine County Seed Growers

SOSGA is a nonprofit association of Southern Oregon seed growers, and interested farmers and home gardeners. Memberships include Active, Farmer Gardener and Associate memberships. See SOSGA Pinning Procedures and Bylaws for more information. SOSGA isolation distances, pinning procedures and bylaws are modeled after the other regional seed associations CBVSA and WVSSA. SOSGA was formed with the assistance of the Jackson and Josephine County OSU Extension Center.

The Perfect Seed Growing Environment

The fertile valleys of Josephine and Jackson counties of Southern Oregon are the perfect environment for better yields of high-quality seed.

Pacific currents bring southern Oregon a Mediterranean climate of moderate winters and dry summers which are excellent for growing Warm-Season Dry-Seeded Crops. Plus many Hot-Season Dry-Seeded and Wet -Seeded Crops grow well in southern Oregon.

Abundant clay-loam soils deliver nutrients and water to crops over our long season required to produce high-quality seed. Southern Oregon is home to diverse seed production including vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Dry summer months in fall with low humidity offer excellent harvesting. Crops are dried naturally in the field to proper storage moisture content. This gives excellent seed quality in high germination rates and appearance.




  • Andrew Schwarz, president
    626 390-5222
  • Chris Hardy, secretary
    541 301-6447
  • Giffen Gates, treasurer
    541 671-3141
  • Kent Knock
    541 582-0811
  • Jeff Higley
    541 846-1120
  • Ben Yohai
    541 899-6933


Southern Oregon Seed Growers Association (SOSGA)
PO Box 1186
Grants Pass, OR 97528